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 BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukuleles

  • Super easy string replacement. Just make one or two-time knot at the string end and hang it in the bridge hole and it’s done.

  • Scientifically designed for full sound resonance. Especially bass sound boosted.

  • Unique offset big soundhole design and cutaway design for playability at high fret position.

  • Rock harden neck doesn’t make any fretboard warp or bowing and bottom reinforcement rib makes a real durable ukulele.

  • Used accurate and high quality zero defect rate head machine and never lose strings and stay in tune all the time.

"The BugsGear Aqualele is not a traditional ukulele, and not just because it’s plastic. The bright colors, offset soundhole, and cutaway all immediately make it stand out from the crowd. The plastic adds to that, and makes this a great travel companion.

In fact, one of the only traditional aspect of this ukulele is the sound. It’s certainly different from wood, and even a laminate ukulele will be more resonant and rich. But the BugsGear Aqualele is surprisingly loud and punchy, with more than enough of that classic soprano ukulele tone. It won’t outperform a solid wood uke, but you wouldn’t want to take one of those on a kayak with you!"


"On to the sound and here my ghast was completely flabbered and my gob was well and truly smacked!! This sounds way way… way better that any other plastic ukulele I own, it has a much better sustain too. The tone has plenty of bass, (for a Ukulele), the middle is a bit woolly and not a huge amount of treble, which contributes to the woollyness but overall it’s a full resonant sound with a reasonable amount of volume and good sustain. If you heard it without seeing to or knowing it was plastic there is no way you would think this was any sort of toy. I don’t know what the funny black bracing thing inside is? But if that is what is responsible for the tone than that is the thing that needs patenting because it does a very good job. "

4th of May 2014 Lardy from U.K

Wood Tone BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukulele
Green BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukulele
Purple BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukulele
Black & Red BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukulele
Red BugsGear Aqulele Plastic Ukulele


Size              : Soprano

Scale            : 352mm

Body shape  : Cutaway 

Material        :  All solid ABS

Nut width      : 34mm

Fret               : 18 fret

Bridge           : One piece bridge and saddle

Sound hole   : 58mm offset

Color variation: 9 colors

Gigbag          : Included

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