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EleUke is made for the musician who want to create their own music and new unique sound through amplifier or any beginner who want to practice during night time to avoide hassle or noise trouble. The New Bluetooth version EleUke Peanut PE-MH enables your smart phone wireless connection to EleUke using Bluetooth. You can run backing track from your smart phone or practice & learning Ukulele lesson App
Product Key Points
- Enable Bluetooth wireless connection between smart phone and EleUke and use smart phone as a Karaoke Machine
- Rechargeable battery equipped - No battery change required
- Earphone output - Can practice silent
- Easy to carry - Thin body can be packed in a suit case or backpack.
- Amp output - Available live performance through amplifier

Item Spec
- Size : Soprano
- Scale : 345mm
- Wood : Mahogany
- Head Machine : Closed dicasting
- Nut&Sallde : Graphite
- Finger board : Rosewood
- Bridge : Rosewood
- Pickup : Piezo
- Input : Bluetooth signal & Piezo signal input
- Output : Earphone and Amp output
- Control : Bluetooth On/Off & 1Volume, 1 Tone
- Bluetooth range : 10m
- Battery usage : 10 hours after full recharge
- Battery recharge : More than 2 hours required
- Gig Bag : Included


Shipping from Korea without battery by opening back cover for easy

battery installation.

Customer requested to buy battery and install battery and it's instruction

will be provided.

Bluetooth EleUke PEMH2020 free worldwide shipping

SKU: 634654547125
  • Make Bluetooth wireless connection EleUke to your smart phone and open any Ukulele lesson App.

    You don't have to worry about any complaint from your neighbor for ukulele noise during night time.

    You can listen ukulele App and EleUke's sound through earphone together and enjoy silent learning.

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