BugsGear Bluetooth silent guitar is made with a solid body without a sound chamber. It's acoustic sound quiet enough to play during night time and it provides Earphone/Headphone output so that you can practice silently. BugsGear Bluetooth guitar also provides 1/4" output to make live performance through an amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and utilize smart phone's music as a backing track. BugsGear Bluetooth silent guitar and smartphone connection via Bluetooth is the best match for guitar learners during night time as you can use lesson video, App silently. 

Head : Slotted 
String : steel string 
Scale : 650 mm 
Neck Joint : Bolt on Neck 
Truss rod : Head face 
Neck material : Okuman 
Nut width : 43 mm 
Fingerboard : Scientific wood 
Sound hole : Maccaferri style 
Body material : Okuman 
Finish : satin finish 
Bluetooth version : 4.2 
Input : Under saddle pickup,Bluetooth 
Output : Earphone 3.5mm, Amp out 6.5mm 
Control : 1Vol, 1Tone, Bluetooth On/Off 
Battery consuming : 3.7v 250mA 20 hours play after full recharge 
Recharge : 2 hours 
Bag : Included with Android recharge cable


How to use

Q) Do I have to always use Bluetooth?
A) When you play in normal, you don't have to make Bluetooth connection with your smart phone just plug in Head phone or Amp and enjoy playing.
You need to connect Bluetooth only when you need to use any contents(Backing track, Video lesson, or practice app) in your smart phone.



Q) How do I change rechargeable battery when it's life time finish?
A) You can open guitar's back cover using screw driver and change battery easily.


Q) Can I connect this guitar to Bluetooth speaker 
A) This guitar only supports Bluetooth connection with your smart phone not to Bluetooth speaker. If you want to make a connection with Bluetooth speaker, you need to use Bluetooth transmitter plug in this guitar earphone output.
At this time, you need to choose Bluetooth transimtter without latency(delay).


Q) What about it's acoustic sound volume without plug in Head phone or Amp?A) You can only hear it's string itself sound like electric guitar's sound without sound through Amplifier.


Q)There's a hum noise from Amplifier when I plug in amp cable.
A)Thers a possibility of electricity line and Amp doesn't have earth(ground) connection please check if your amplifier has a correct connection (Live, Natural, Earth).


Q) I can't make a Bluetooth connection with my smart phone.
A) First, please check if you plugged in Headphone or Amp jack to the guitar.
Guitar's internal circuit will turn ON when you plug in Head phone or Amp cable.
You can find "BugsGear-EleUke" device from your smart phone only when you push Bluetooth push switch after plug in Headphone or Amp Jack.
Also, try to de-activate another smart phone's Bluetooth function which has Bluetooth connection with the guitar before.


Q) How do I make guitar maintenances?
A) This guitar is a kind of musical instrument consist of wood material and electrical parts, do not place it under the sun light or sudden temperatuer changing place. Avoid water, moisture.
Especially, please pull out Headphone or Amp cable when it's not in use to save battery. 


Q)What can I do when I get a phone call when I use Bluetooth?
A) We didn't put microphone in the Bluetooth circuit, you can't answer the phone.
In this case, pleast turn Bluetooth Switch off and answer the phone.
We recommend to make your smart phone in Airplain mode when you make a live performance by connecting Bluetooth if you don't want get interruped.


Q) How do I know when guitar's battery drained?
A) You can hear low battery warning sound from the guitar.
When you connect micro USB recharge cable to the guitar, you can find a small green light indicator LED turns ON.


Q)How do I know the battery full recharged?
A) You can find green light shows it's being recharged. After full recharge, Battery recharge indicator green LED will turn off by itself.


Q) Can I connect effector pedal to the guitar?
A) You can connect Effectors to the guitar like all the other guitars.


Q) Can I record this guitar sound to my smart phone?
A) You can record the guitar's sound if you connect optional U type jack and cable.


Q) Can I connect my guitar to PC speaker?
A) PC speaker's input jack size also same as Head phone Jack so, you can connect PC speaker to guitar's Headphone output and enjoy playing.

BugsGear Bluetooth guitar MF-ACF65

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