* Solidwood body without resonance chamber
* Double layer and one piece key
* Key array is same as Piano
* The higher the note, tine width gets narrower like piano string to get more sustain at high note.

* Already tuned tines - Tuning is not required
* Chromatic scale
* 21 diatonic key + 35 semitone total 36 key full 3 octave
* Can be played as an independent instrument
* Rich vibration and resonant sound
* Can use normal piano score sheet
*This kalimba can be played immediately by anyone with experience 

  learning or playing piano or keyboard instruments.
* When playing, it is recommended to put a kalimba on the cushion to

   prevent noise and get the best sound.
* Piano keyboard array Thumb piano Mbira

BugsGear Solidbody Chromatic Kalimba 36key Full 3 octave free int'l shipping

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