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First version Electronics.

Warranty & Instrument Support

Thanks for your BugsGear-EleUke instruments purchasing.
We are now selling our products through online store platform such as 
Amazon, eBay etc. without local dealers so, we check instruments one by one and set up products 100%  before the shipment to avoid any quality issue which will cause a high international return shipping cost.

However, we couldn't avoid a quality problem 100% even though we make such an effort during production or transportation so, please claim the warranty by providing the purchase date and seller info if you have any problems when you receive your orders.

Free warranty is good for 1 year from the date of purchase.  


Warranty we offer
1. Ship instrument as a replacement
We send a new instrument if there's permanent damage on the instrument during shipment.
2. Sending replacement parts.
We send free of charge parts such as Peg, Pickup, Knob, Electronics etc...which has a functional problem.
Please check if parts work or not at the User's manual page on this website.
3. Partial refund
We offer a partial refund if you can find replacement parts through other
online shop or supplier such as Batteries or strap(this will cost less than 
shipping from China)
4. Overdue warranty
We supply original parts at bargain price including international shipping


All about Electronics we made

1st Version Electronics

First version electronics, produced between 2007-2008, has no MP3 input function.

We don't support this old version electronics anymore, so any old version EleUkes owner needs to replace faulty electronics. We recommend replacing with new versions introduced below.

In this case, you need to adjust two volume shaft hole distance by sanding.

Also, you need to make another MP3 input hole at the bottom (beside output 1/4" phone jack).

2nd version Electronics with MP3 input
2nd version Electronics with MP3 input
3rd version Electronics with MP3 input
3rd version Electronics with MP3 input
2nd version Electronics with MP3 input

We supplied this upgraded 2nd version electronics between 2008-2011.

It has MP3 input and stable quality and we can supply this electronics at $45 through DHL or FedEx door to door service delivery within 10 working days.

We don't recommend mixing parts with 3rd version electronics

since they come from different factories, which mean they are not compatible with each other.

You can tell if it's the 2nd version by checking the knob.



3rd version Electronics with MP3 input
We are now supplying the 3rd version electronics since 2011 and you can tell by checking its knob.

We can supply this electronics at $45 through DHL or FedEx door to door service delivery within 10 working days.



EleUke Bluetooth Electronics

Bluetooth equipped Electronics

We start to make Bluetooth functioned circuit board since 2017.

You can connect EleUke to your smartphone using Bluetooth function and utilize your phone's music as a

backing track.

EleUke Electronics Preamp replacement instruction

Preamp Replacement | Replacement Battery Case

You need to replace battery case with a new one because battery +/- Polarity is different by each version so, please you must use battery case we supplied.

Piezo Pickup Connection

You can use old piezo pickup if it's still working.

Connect piezo pickup's plug same as the picture.

 1/4" Endpin Jackhole | Earphone PCB Connector

Put in that white connector from outside through 1/4" endpin jackhole and connect to earphone PCB's connector.

Volume Shaft Adjustment

Adjust two volumes shaft hole's distance by enlarging two hole size.

Also, use an additional nut to adjust knob's height.

Installing Earphone & MP3 Jack Bracket

Cut this area to install earphone & MP3 jack bracket.

Or just leave earphone & MP3 Jack leave inside of the chamber if you feel difficult to cut or don't use these function which will be easier.

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