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- Patented

- 21key Diatonic key 15key semitone key total 36key
- Easy to play with intuitive semitone arrangement
- Each key distance is 3mm wider than typical kalimba which has 2mm
- Key tip bended upside down spoon shape made easy glissando play

- CNC  excavated full resonance body
Tuned each key 3 times during production process.
We sand low tune keys with our toos and put metal glue under the high tune key

using 0.5mm copper wire so, each key has tuned precisely so, tuning not required.

Diatonic and semitone keys consist of one piece key which is cut by laser and

mounted tightly using hexa head screws.


BugsGear 36key symmetrical Chromatic Tattoo Kalimba free int'l shipping

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