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B grade kalimba has no function and performance problem but, has small cosmetic

issues like small finish problem, dent, deformation ect...which is no problem in play

We couldn't upload each instrument's photo but, you can wish good luck for better one.


* Made each key's waist extremely narrow for best vibration and sustain.

*  Bended tine tip spoon upside down shape for easy play and glissando play.

* Made body with internal resonance chamber louder than solidbody plate model

* Double layer and one piece key  
* Key array is same as Piano
* The higher the note, tine width gets narrower 
   like piano string to get more sustain at high note.

* Already tuned tines - Tuning is not required
* Chromatic scale
* 21 diatonic key + 15 semitone total 36 key full 3 octave
* Can be played as an independent instrument
* Rich vibration and resonant sound
* Can use normal piano score sheet
*This kalimba can be played immediately by anyone with experience learning or playing piano or keyboard instruments.
* When playing, it is recommended to put a kalimba on the cushion to prevent noise and get the best sound.


Size                            186 X 210 X 60 Cm

Body wood             Sapele 

Bridge Material    ABS Injection

Tine                           Mn 65

Sound hole            f hole

Diatonic tine          F3 ~ E6 total 21 key Black Oxide coating

Semitone tine       F#3 ~ D#6 15 key Black Oxide coating


BugsGear acoustic Grand Piano shape full 3 octave B grade free Int'l shipp

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